Spore Creature Creator (Part 2)

I have played the SPORE Creature Creator for a couple of days. Now, I will tell you an experience with this game and share some pictures of my unreasonable creative creatures. ha ha
The experience of the game is interesting. You can make any kind of creatures. You can make it look like a duck, dodo (the extinct animal in the past) or dinosaur. You can choose and create it. For the trial version, it give components for making creatures around 25% of the full version that has sold in stores for 100 Baths. I have no money (ถังแตกอ่ะเข้าใจม๊ะ อ๊ากก), so I used a trial version for playing. T_T
I just filtered out from my head for these two creatures (you can take a look below with the two pictures).

For first picture. I would like to make it look like a lizard (The animal that is lived in deserts). But it look like something else T_T [You can click on the picture to view full size]

For second picture. I mixed up frog with fox …. ha ha. It’s cute !! Take a look by yourself !

Third picture, mixing dog with dragonfly.

And, I forget something also. You can download SPORE Creature Creator Trial version in Thai language >>Click Here<<. * Remark * You have to register to be a member of EA Thailand before you get the copy of the game.

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